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Are you tired of negativity and ready to elevate your communication skills? You've come to the right place! Debbie Sorensen is on a mission to help individuals like you rediscover the power of positivity, politeness, integrity, and character in their daily interactions.

Through her engaging workshops and speaking events, Debbie shares simple yet transformative ways to show you care and foster genuine connections, such as:

Writing heartfelt notes
of appreciation

Reaching out during
times of trouble

Keeping a guard
over your words

Smiling with
your eyes

Practicing intentional listening

Sending texts of encouragement

Giving sincere compliments

As you explore this website, allow yourself to be encouraged and inspired by the beacon of hope that Debbie offers. Subscribe to her uplifting newsletter, and consider hiring her as a speaker or workshop presenter to bring her powerful message to your community. Stay tuned for the release of her upcoming books, which are sure to further empower your journey towards positive communication and personal growth.

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Welcoming Words News Letter April 20204

Welcoming Words Newsletter    April 2024 By Debbie Sorensen Inspiration Today’s Focus:  Where does inspiration come from? Application: Here are some helpful suggestions to move from discouragement to joy.   1.) Pray. Try something new in this regard. Set aside a short eight minutes when you get up. Use two minutes to be quiet and come into God’s presence. Read a passage of Scripture for two minutes. Take two minutes to praise and thank God for his blessings. Spend the last two...read more

Newsletter March 2024

Welcoming Words Newsletter    March 2024   By Debbie Sorensen   Inspiration   Today’s Focus:  Have you ever gone through a dry spell in your life? When your creative juices ran out and you came up empty when trying to move forward? There was just no inspiration to be found to keep going. It is safe to say, everyone goes through this misery at some point in their life. The question then becomes, how do we proceed from down in the dumps to the genius of...read more

Newsletter February 2024

Welcoming Words Newsletter    February 2024   By Debbie Sorensen   Hello there friends! This month, when we celebrate Presidents of the United States, I want to welcome you to look at what made many of them stand out from the ordinary. Integrity, character and truth were values that created a solid foundation from which they led.     Webster defines integrity as: “an unimpaired condition; soundness; adherence to a code of moral, artistic, or other values....read more