The Bodacious Dog

About the Bodacious Dog
Coming in Spring 2025 – Keep checking back for more information

On the Trail with The Bodacious Dog, is the first book in a series of service dog books for children age 4-8.

A fun-loving Scottish Terrier dog nicked named Bo, meets a variety of other dogs who actually have additional jobs in life. In the book, Bodacious can’t believe his eyes when he sees some very odd things up ahead on the trail.

Join Bo and his human family Jordie and Kipp as they wander over trails and hills finding surprises and delights around garbage cans and other items. New friends are made, interesting information and adventure abounds. 

How will Bo react in unfamiliar situations which cause him to back up and take notice? Step onto the trail with Bo and see where it leads.

This is the first book in a series of three childrens books.